Midnight Purse

This is my own pattern, but I made this purse to go to my grams funeral today, and I was up until midnight working on it for the past three days(hence the name “midnight purse”).

If anyone would like to make one, I could come up with a pattern. I lined it also, and it’s just big enough to fit my powder and liquid foundation, a tube of chap stick, a couple tissues and some candies.

That is adorable, Jenelle!! Way to go! :cheering:

Sorry to hear about your grandma. :frowning:

It looks wonderful Jenelle!

Sorry about your Grandma :heart:

that is so cute, just the right size for the bare essentials. :thumbsup:

that is great! The lining in it just makes it look even better! Well done!

Wow, Jenelle, that is just lovely! :inlove:

I, too, am sorry to hear about your grandmother. :heart:

Thanks everyone :heart:

Here is the pattern for the purse. If anyone finds any mistakes, please PM them to me! :slight_smile:

:smiley: It’s lovely, Jenelle, thanks for sharing the pattern.

I’m so very sorry to hear about your grandmother.

What a sweet little purse! You never cease to amaze me with your FOs!

Thanks :slight_smile:

That is super cute!!! :heart:

sorry about your grandmother–the purse is very pretty!

Thanks cristy and knit-a-holic! :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention something… If you notice how the bag curls like it does, I would definatly block it or do something to help it to stop curling.

Jenelle, your purse turned out beautiful! I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother! :heart:

so sorry to hear about your Grandma.

i love the bag - very cute!

I’m sorry to hear about your loss :heart: The bag is perfect =D

Thanks! :slight_smile:

That is just lovely, Jenelle! :inlove: I LOVE the white glittery yarn that you used. I’m really sorry to hear about your grandmother.
I’m going to try to make a purse like that someday. :wink: Did you buy that yarn from Lion Brand? It’s GORGEOUS!! :heart:

Very snazzy purse! And the detail is lovely!!

What a very positive way to mark your granny’s passing - good for you.

A friend sent me two skeins of it, and appearently it’s a dicontinued yarn. :frowning: I’ll be looking out for other yarns simular to it.