Microspun and socks

Is it possible? I want to knit my aunt some socks for xmas, and i have some microspun…she really likes the soft yarn.


they probably wouldn’t be that warm but have you tried to knit with microspun yet?

no…why? Is it that horrible? Is there another yarn that is more compatible?

well some people love it some hate it. i would definitely do a swatch to see how it works for you before you commit to a full pair of socks. the yarn is super soft but some people have had trouble knitting with it.

fair enough…thanks for the warning.

Would there be another yarn that i could knit socks for her that are similar to the ones you get in walmart-you know the ones that are 3 for 10 dollars and they are really super soft?

Cause i think she would want them really warm too.


Yeah that one is going to have to be answered better by someone else. I don’t shop at wal-mart so i don’t have a good grasp on what they might have that would be comparable. I do love feeling the Microspun though…soooo soft!

I haven’t used it, but I heard that because it’s microfiber it doesn’t breathe which might not be best for socks. :shrug:

And since it’s so loosely spun, it splits easily when you try to put a needle into a stitch.


Microspun is super-soft and pretty, but it’s definitely a tricky one to knit, especially if you were to use it at a gauge tight enough for socks. I’d try a wool, or at least a wool blend, because the wool will wick away moisture so your feet aren’t sweaty. Lion Brand has a 100% wool at Wal-Mart, and Patons has one with better yardage at Michaels. If you can find it, Lion Brand Magic Stripes makes good socks. It’s a big rough at first, but after washing, it’s very soft. (I’m wearing my Magic Stripes socks right now, and they’re warm and cozy without making my feet sweaty.)

thanks everyone…i will certainly give your ideas some thought.

Just remember with that the wools suggested by psamm have to be hand washed. I think I’d go for a superwash for socks.

I’ve made socks for kids with microspun. It does make thier feet sweaty. The yarn is really splitty to work with too. I also made some leg warmers out of them. They don’t make my feet sweat :teehee: So if you’re not putting them on yer feet then go ahead and use microspun. I used Touche from Borocco for socks and they were soft like microspun but don’t make your feet sweat. Just my .02