Microfiber dust cloths

Has anyone tried making a dust cloth out of microfiber yarn? I bought some on clearance at my LYS with this intent but was wondering how it would work.

I’ve made dishcloths out of them, but haven’t used them for dusting although it has crossed my mind. The yarn is pretty splitty and they don’t absorb quite as much as cotton, but they sure are pretty and they hold their color. I imagine they’d be pretty good for dustcloths!

Thanks! I got the idea at Target the other, they have microfiber cloths there but they were kind of expensive for one cloth and then I found the yarn on clearance and thought, “Eureka!”

Oooh…this is such a good idea! I’ve got some microfiber yarn in my stash. Would be a great take-along project for the car.

Thanks, girlie!! :yay:

Did you happen to find the clearance yarn at Michaels? Because the one near me cleared out their stash of Lionbrand microspun! :cry:

I found it at a slightly creepy craft store near my house in Brooklyn. We don’t have Michaels or Joann’s in The City. :frowning: But I just heard they’re putting a Michael’s in Forest Hills, Queens.

Off knitting topic but on dusting topic, I got some orange car detailing towels from the auto department at Target and they are awesome for dusting. I don’t recall off hand the price but I got 6 of them (I think) for less than $10 (pretty sure!) which IMO is not too pricey for something you use over and over and over. I spray with a little pledge for dusting most things but sometimes I just use them dry. In the car, in the house, they grab dust from anything. I just wash them when I wash towels, no fabric softener, hand outside to dry. They work so great!

Thanks for the info! I was looking down in the cleaning section and the price for one cloth was like $4.00. I just finished grad school, I can’t afford that much!

Ah… 4 bucks each is a little steep. I remember thinking these were a bit much IF they didn’t work well but they do work well - they are great! Only thing I don’t like is they are so multi-fibery if my hands are really dry I feel like the snag every available speck of dead skin. But they grab every speck of dust, too, to… they were a great buy.

Microfiber dust cloths work great. They are also very absorbent. Our dollar stores sells Microfiber dishtowels, dishcloths etc for $1.00. Good buy