Microfiber and socks

I’m not sure if this thread should go here or in “General.”

Anyway, I saw some wonderful microfiber yarn in Michael’s the other day (I think it was Patons, but I might be making that bit up).

This yarn is wonderfully soft and comes in really vibrant colors, and I’m just itching to try to make socks with it–plain first, and then a foray into intarsia or stripes b/c I love funky multi-colored socks.

My question: is this a good sock yarn? (I do wear microfiber socks.) And I rarely wear wool socks, so I don’t really want to knit any from wool unless it’s ultra-light and ultra-soft. (Suggestions in that area would be nice, too!)

My microfiber socks (store bought) make my feet sweaty. Wool, being the natural fiber it is, BREATHES. And, like Ive found with my FT clogs, are warm without being sweaty. There are some very cool wool/COTTON/polydamide or nylon sock yarns out there…I think Plymouth Sockotta.

Ooh, I like that name…Sockatta!

Microfiber can be sweaty, yes. I just like its softness. Well drat.

I’m fixated on that yarn now, though. Anything else I can make with it? :wink:

I agree with Kelly. I don’t think I would like microfiber socks. I do like my wool socks. Very comfy. Knitpick has a sock yarn in cotton you might like.

i made a couple yummy feeling scarves out of the microfiber. i agree it is supersoft and the lion brand has some delightful colors. i even added some fun fur to one of them too.

Oh dear. I made some socks out of microfiber (for the softness) for my cousins. They were such bright fun kid colors. Maybe they have cold feet? They do live in very cold Boston. :thinking:

Here’s a picture of the socks

:roflhard: Hahaha! I love these, they are so true!

I saw that microfiber and wondered about it, too. It’s soooo soft!

My feet are always cold, which is why I buy already-made microfiber. They do sweat, sure, but they’d sweat in anything in those situations.

I love the socks you made–that style and those colors are exactly what I want to make, actually!

[quote="“Jan in CA”"]

:roflhard: Hahaha! I love these, they are so true!

Heh, two separate but real conversations with the dh :smiley:

I saw that microfiber and wondered about it, too. It’s soooo soft!

I know…I stood far too long feeling the swatch and fondling the yarn…people were starting to stare.

That microfiber yarn is what I used for making chemo hats for my mother in law…they are the softest ever, and her favorite ones.


Hi guys, I am hear accidentally. I was looking for information how microfiber materials can hurt our bodies. I clicked on this. I bought 2 packs (6 in each) of Microfiber socks in Kmart. I did not wear them, but it was cold one day and I went to sleep wearing those socks. I woke up on the middle of night from horrifying pain in my toes, like it was some severe inflammation there. I never had nothing like that. I took socks off and went sleep back. In the morning pain was no more. It repeated another night too when I was wearing same socks 2nd time. I have very big question about wearing Microfiber socks. I do not want wear them any more at all and I have so many of them to through in garbage. I think Microfiber is very good way to create arthritis or something like that. Wool is solution - everything should be natural, nature-made. Microfiber is for robots.

I’m sorry you had a problem with microfiber, but most people can use it without problems. You must have an allergy so I’d choose another fiber for your socks