Mickey Ears

I want to make a Mickey Mouse hat for my son (7 months). I haven’t had any luck finding a pattern so I got some Carons Simply Soft in black and I’m going to make him a hat and attach ears to it.

Does anyone know of a circle pattern I can use for ears?

I’m planning on making two for each ear and stuffing them with cardboard to make them stiff.

TIA for any help! Happy Friday!


To knit a circle, try starting with maybe 5-10 stitches, and increase 1 or 2 stitches at each side until the width is right, then decrease again (depending on your gauge). The tricky part would be making a nice circular arc instead of a straight angled line!

I think it’d be much easier to crochet a flat circle in the round. Is it possible to knit a flat circle in the round? (like a doily, without the lace)

That’s what I was wondering! I’m taking a crochet class in a few weeks so maybe I can wait til then (don’t know if I’ll even learn enough in this one class!). But if anyone knows if I can knit a circle, please let me know! Thanks!


[color=indigo]I find crocheting circles very easy, but knitting them would make me nuts. I’m doing the pinwheel sweater now and starting it drove me crazy. So…what’s the rest of the hat going to look like? All black or black, red, black, yellow stripes?[/color]

I am going to do it all in black but have been debating on putting the widow’s peak in. We both love Mickey!