Michaels New Yarn

Michaels is rolling out their new yarn selection. Let me see what I can remember…Lion Fisherman’s Wool, Caron Spa and Country, and their new store brand Loops and Threads. Their brand is pretty much just a copy of all the other yarns- nothing to spectacular. What I saw was just worsted and baby acrylics. I think there’s more colors of some of the other stuff, but no new sock yarn! They did scale back the furry yarns, but Homespun is still there, if not expanded. Just thought I’d pass along what I can remember!

Thanks for the update.

I got a Michael’s flyer in yesterday’s mail. There wasn’t any mention of yarn at all. Maybe ours will have the new stuff by next week.

I was in Michaels here in Canada a few days ago, and they also had quite a few new yarns and patterns.

The Michaels by me hasn’t set up the new yarn dept. yet but I did get to see the store brand, Loops and Threads. I agree, it’s nothing new or spectacular, but if/when it goes on sale I think I’ll buy me some to see what it’s like. Anything is better than Red Heart and that seems to be what the craft stores stock the most of, which is just one of the reasons why I do most of my yarn shopping online. I also noticed more Homespun colors. Still, most of the other bins were empty last time I went so for the most part, I’m still waiting to see what’s coming.

I wasn’t impressed. Didn’t think it was anything much different than usual.

Our store had just begun restocking the other day when I was in there. (I needed some Sugar and Cream cotton to complete a set of dishcloths for a neighbor.) There were lots of empty shelves still but I did see the Caron Spa and Country - which I’ve used and liked. Ya know, their signs said “New yarn dept coming this spring.” Um, well it’s nearly June - that’s summer to me. Talk about dangling a carrot in front of you.

Mine was stocking yesterday- but I managed to see the Lion Brand Fisherman’s wool and the Impeccable Loops & thread (only one skein was out.) Impeccable was scratchier than Vanna’s choice to me- I don’t plan on trying that.

sadly our Michaels chose to eliminate even more natural fibers and blends. The entire yarn department is only one measly aisle and now with the introduction of Michaels own yarn line, there is no variety left. I am not trying to poopoo acrylics but just how many varieties of acrylic worsted does one store need ??? The Michaels yarn was right next to Vanna’s and I could not tell the difference.

Thanks for the update! I’m not too surprised that the furry yarns are scaled down. I think the furry trend has ended, or is in it’s death throes anyways! Not soon enough for me! :teehee:

I’m crocheting a V-stitch baby blanket with their new baby acrylic line. It felt softer in the skein than it does now as I’m crocheting. I hope that improves when washed. The bright new colors are pretty, but I see Bernat Baby Soft has lots of new colors too. I’ll let you know how this washes.

Impeccable colors are beautiful, but the feel of it is like Red Heart’s: stiff and scratchy. Vanna’s is much softer. I love the colors, but the texture is awful and since the feel is important to the items I create, I won’t be purchasing it again.