Methods help

im trying to learn different knitting methods can anybody direct me to a site that could teach me how to knit by holding my needles like pencils?

I’ve never heard of holding needles like pencils to knit. There are videos here; only way I know to hold needles!

I have a friend who knits that way. She learned to knit in Northern Ireland. I have never seen anyone else knit like this, nor have I ever seen a web site or a book with this method.

I think someone was talking about Russell Crowe knitting that way. Maybe you could do a search for him and see if he talks about that method or gives it’s name.

Here’s one that says to hold them like a pencil.

And this is the “Lever Method”.

Before I found Amy’s site, while looking for direction on continental style knitting, I found something called “knitting pretty.” From the description, that system (for sale) teaches a knitting method like you are describing.

Is there a special reason that you want to learn to knit that way?


I love the way the author in Sil’s first link says “All knitters hold the needles the same way.” NO THEY DONT!

The President of my organization is a 78 YO British Lady. She and I flew on a business trip together & it PAINED her to watch the way I held my needles. :roflhard: She holds hers (at least the right one) like a pencil. She made me try it…my hands would NOT stay that way. It was like I had no control over my hands.

I’m not sure what episode this was on but a guest on knitty gritty held her needles different than I had ever seen it looked really elegant the way she did it… I tried to do it :roflhard: didn’t work this cont. knitter couldn’t switch back to get what she was doing!! :lol:

i was just thinking the same thing…i am pretty sure the lady who taught me to knit did NOT teach me to hold the needles the way i do…lol

Well, most of the 70+ YO British ladies I have ever met seem to believe there is a “proper” way of doing things. :wink:

And of course for them…there is a proper way. For the rest of the non-British world, we get by on whatever we can!

*[size=2]No disrespect meant to British people. In fact, I love that at least parts of your culture are more proper than ours. We Americans can seem so crass at times in comparison.[/size]

That is so COOL!! And so lady-like!!