Messy looking buttonholes

I just finished a sweater and the buttonholes look a little “messy” to me–what can I do to make them look neater–I’m through with the sweater and do not want to take them out and reknit them, so is there something I can do now? The sweater is knit with wool-ease yarn and is knitted in the round.


I’m not sure which kind of buttonhole you worked but I take it that the outer border is a bit ‘tatty’.

As a quick fix, you could get some matching embroidery yarn to sew a small blanket stitch around the edge - this will not only tidy up the buttonholes but give the garment a little extra professional-looking finish.

Next time you’re working buttonholes, check out this site:

It’s Maggie Righetti’s one-row buttonhole and it is the best I’ve come across - it’s from her book [I]Knitting in Plain English[/I] and anyone who writes “buttonholes are bstrds” must know what she’s on about.

All the Best

I always do a buttonhole with just an eyelet. Since the size changes from yarn to yarn, and you can make the buttonholes, and then buy buttons to suit. The buttonholes never look messy, and they always are the right size.

Weave some yarn around it to make it look neater! :blooby:

I think I’ll do this next time, I just followed what the pattern suggested–however, next time, I’ll do it my way.