Mermaid tail pattern

I am looking for a mermaid tail pattern that looks something like this, but in knit- I can’t seem to find any patterns that are feather and fan/ ribbing for tail in knit and I don’t crochet. Does anyone have a pattern like this?

Maybe this would help?

I think I like this one.

Not free but the stitch pattern might be more like what you want.

I like the first one, but can you explain to me how to increase one on the insides? I don’t quite understand that. Thanks

They both need to increase one stitch on the inside of the tail area on every row you knit.

Is that the part you mean? I can try to explain. Others are better explainers though so if I fail - don’t despair someone will come to your rescue.

You’ll cast on for both tail fins and work them at the same time. What you see is what you get here. You want the increases in the middle of the tail. That means that you work the first fin from the end which will be the outside and then increase before moving on to the second fin. You’ll increase at the beginning of the row for the second fin and then work to the end.

When you turn your work the first fin is the one you just finished. Always make your increases in the middle of the whole thing. Clear as mud? Like I said, someone else can undoubtedly do better.