Mermaid tail blanket on straight needles

I’ve been looking for a mermaid tail blanket knitting pattern using straight needles, but cannot find one anywhere.
Can anyone help? I’m not concerned about a pattern as I can create my own. I just want to know at what rate do you decrease the stitches and how to do the tail.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

I’m doing this one right now, and it comes with the option for knitting flat and sewing up. Biggest sizes call for 100+ stitches, so you’d need pretty long straights to work it. You might look at some of the free ones to see how they’re constructed. A few are knit flat, which might give you the instructions you need.

Hi Lewister, thanks for that, ive looked at this one and as it’s done on circular needles I can’t decipher it (still a bit of a novice) onto straight needles. Will keep looking :slight_smile:

The pattern that lewister referred to can also be knit flat. The reason for the circular needle is to accommodate a large number of stitches, not to knit a tube.
Here’s another link to some blankets and lapghans that can be knit flat. In some cases you can probably knit 2 of the blanket and seam up the sides. tail blanket worked flat
Good luck in your search but don’t be afraid to try circular needles to knit flat. Many of us do that all the time.

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Thanks I will go back and give it another read :slight_smile: