Merino wool

I got one of those kits from Craftsy and the yarn is Merino wool. I didn’t realize it was going to be wool. In the past I have a problem with wool being itchy. Can you tell me if Merino wool is as itchy as other wools? It feels much softer than wools I’ve seen in the past. As soon as I make it, I’ll do one with acrylic.

Merino IS softer, but if you’re super sensitive it could still be a problem. I really can’t wear any wool around my neck, but I can knit with it. If you have to you could always use the yarn inn the kit for a different project. What kit did you get?

It looks soft and easy to knit with. I like to do a practice run anyway so if it itches, I’ll do it again with acrylic. I’ve got lots of bulky acrylic.
Here’s the link.

Oh nice! That looks like a nice easy pattern! :+1:

I like the “easy” part. :slight_smile: