Merged: Favorite Online Stores/On-line Store Recommendations

What are some of your favorite online stores?

I have ordered from knitpicks and loved them but I am looking for 16" circs and they do not seem to have the sizes that I need.

I love the fact that knitpicks has free shipping on orders over $30!

I love They have a flat rate shipping of $5.99 no matter how much you spend and their prices are the lowest I have ever found. I just ordered a ton of stuff from them and the order was filled and delivered in 3 days :shock:

I also love knitpicks but I’ve yet to order from them… but I will be getting the “dye it yourself” wool to do some koolaid yarn… beautiful stuff!. is probably second lowest compared with

Thanks for the quick reply… I’m gonna check them out right now!!! :wink:

I just ordered some sale yarn from What a great experience. They have tons of stuff on sale all the time, my order came from Canada in six days, it was all wrapped up nicely, I got a personal note, a free sample of wool wash, and a color card for a really nice yarn on sale. There was also a note saying they are carried Addi’s now.

There are many sites that I like, but this one had the personal touch that will make me come back again.

I love

I order WAY too much from them. I try to rationalize it as: well, it’s so cheap so I should buy more!

Can you imagine if we actually had, in cash, all the money we’ve “saved” on yarn sales!? :shock: I, for one, would be driving a new car! :roflhard:

I love knitpicks too, but they don’t have the 16" circs that I need. I went to Michaels and Joanns today and they don’t have them either. :frowning:

I tried the knitwerx link but it didn’t open for me, did anyone else have any luck? :??

Thank you guys for all of the help! :thumbsup:

Try The period got included before. I’ll edit that.

Thank you!!! :happydance:

I just got two pairs of Addi Turbo 16" circulars from this eBay seller:

They came so quick! And $6.50 is such a great price for Addis. :heart:

That is a really good price! I think that I am going to order a few! And the shipping isn’t bad at all!!! :happydance: :happydance:

So far, I have always ordered somewhere around 30 bucks from knitpicks…just so I can get free shipping. SO - If I had all the extra cash I spent just to get free shipping… :shock:

This will change, mind you, when I start tapping into the non-WOTA yarns on my wishlist! :drool:

I got some really nice italian yarns at Prices were great and shipping prompt.

I ebay, too. Never can tell what might turn up.

I like to visit,, and
I ordered from the last two and all was perfect. I wanna order from patternworks, but I never have $'s left when there’s something I want.

[color=indigo]I :heart: :heart: and am about to buy a bunch of needles from, I’ve looked all over the net and LYS and their prices can’t be beat on my needles. I have also fallen in :heart: with I’ve gotten some too cute yarn from her and now there are very cute patterns on the site and needles, altho, I didn’t notice circs. I would certainly recommend to look for them. But my fave is knitpicks :shock: SURPRISE, as if the world didn’t already know that :wink: [/color]

I totally recommend! They aren’t inexpensive, but the customer service is terrific, the yarn is to die for, and I cannot wait to start my new headwrap!

isn’t this cool!?

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

okay i fully thought you had spelled knitpicks wrong and was doin this :??

i like their patterns…not so crazy about the prices of the yarn i was falling in love with though sigh…but i may have to do some thinkin’ about some of those hat patterns.

I just had a great experience with Sue at She has great product knowledge, super fast service and a sweet wonderful personality. I will be going back again and again!!!

I’m look through right now. I can’t afford them, but it’s good material for webindow shopping. :slight_smile: