Mercerized cotton for dishcloths?


I live in Finland so do not have access to the usually recommended
yarns for making dishcloths. The only 100% cotton yarn I have
found is mercerized and I was wondering if anyone knows if this
is ok to use for a dishcloth? My other options are cotton blends
with acrylic or polyamide or bamboo. Any suggestions?


Hello!! I’ve used mercerized cotton for kitchen handtowels (for drying hands next to the sink) and it worked great. after a washing it became very soft, and has been absorbent and durable.

the mercerized cotton I used was of a lighter/finer weight than normal kitchen cotton (like sugar and cream) so I had to adjust the pattern a little to keep the desired size.

A cotton-bamboo blend sounds lovely and it would have the added benefit of being anti-microbial! (so they say)

Acrylic on its own might not be absorbent enough, but it scrubs well. a blend might do what you want just fine. I know others on the forum (Jan in CA?) have made dishtowels out of Lion Microspun (acrylic) and said they have worked pretty well.

Good luck!

I also am limited to yarn access. I knitted makeup removal facial towels for all of the women in our family as a stocking stuffer gift on Christmas. I could not find 100% cotton yarn either in the knitting dept. of our stores. I finally browsed the crochet thread and found one the I thought would work and it did. The colors were wonderful and the towels turned out wonderful. This may be another option for you. Good luck. I will be visiting your country this Fall.

I don’t know about knitting with it, but I have some bamboo bath towels from Restoration Hardware which we hate! The reason is they take forever to dry. They aren’t very absorbent to begin with, but once they get wet they are wet for a long long time. I think bamboo is just another source for cellulose (i.e., rayon) and a thick woven rayon does not dry quickly, apparently. My husband is insisting that I throw away the bamboo towels. They are still really wet when all the other towels in the same laundry load are dry. I would not want dishtowels made of bamboo.

ok that’s a good idea…I guess another trip is needed to the store
to see exactly what is on the shelves! :slight_smile: Btw, what part of Finland
will you be visiting?

Mercerized cotton should make lovely dishcloths and facecloths. The mercerizing process removes fuzzy surface fibers, making it smoother and more refined, and giving it a bit of a polish. I am not certain, but I think the smoother yarn would also define your stitches better than the Sugar & Creme type yarns.