Mercerized cotton and sheen

Hi all. Does anyone have experience with machine washable mercerized cotton yarn? Will it dull with washing or will it stay shiny? Thanks!

I believe the sheen stays, though I haven’t knit anything with it, yet. I started a few things with it but didn’t like the yarn for them, so they never got to the washing part.

I have used Tahki Cotton Classic, which is a mercerized cotton, on a summer short-sleeve sweater. It’s machine washable and dryable. Usually, I don’t dry mine all the way. While there is still some dampness to it, I take it out and let it air dry. This is not to say that I haven’t let it completely dry in the dryer. I have, but I don’t prefer it. I like to think of it this way: I don’t always let my jeans dry completely in the dryer because, over time, they’d get old and worn faster. … at least, that’s how it is for me. :lol:

You could also set the heat setting at a lower temperature. Though it seems like it takes forever to dry! :nails:

Jackie: I actually don’t care for the shine of mercerized cotton, though I’m intrigued by its other properties (at least in theory), e.g., the fact that it’s stronger and won’t shrink very much. I was hoping the fabric would get duller after washing. Has your sweater lost any sheen since you first knit it up? TIA!

Ingrid: Thanks for the input. If I ever get around to trying some, I will report the results.

[quote=“janelanespaintbrush”]I was hoping the fabric would get duller after washing. Has your sweater lost any sheen since you first knit it up?quote]

If there was any sheen with mine to begin with, it’s not there now. I used a dark reddish-brown. All other original properties are still intact (color, no pilling, etc.). I would definitely recommend mercerized cotton (and certain cotton blends) over 100% cotton purely based on the machine washability factor. As much as I love the softness and initial stitch definition of Shine from Knit Picks (100% pima cotton), it pills after only a few machine washings. My mercerized cotton sweater and my daughter’s TLC Cotton Plus (cotton/acrylic) tank have looked the same after ever machine wash. As far as shrinkage goes: the first time I washed my mercerized cotton sweater, it did shrink a little bit. But, since then it hasn’t reduced in size.

Yes, the sheen will stay. I tested a sample just for this purpose. :slight_smile: