Meow Meow Hat

OMG I finally did it !!! I finally did it !!! LOL… About 2 years ago I bout the SNB book and I just fell in love with the Kitty Hat, but I was too overwhelmed to try to knit it. After 2 years of telling myself to try it… I did!!! I am so happy with it!!! The only thing I did different was when you go to stst, the book says to knit for 3 3/4 inches… Maybe my head is small cuz I only stst for 3 inches… Did anyone else do that ? I wanna make a couple more for my family and they have average size heads. What do you think??? In totaly I knitted for 5 inches and I should have knitted for 5 1/2 inches (before decreasing)… Is my head small lmao?

LOL It doesn’t necessarily mean you have a small head! The size is also affected by your knitting gauge. :wink:

That hat is adorable!!

I keep meaning to make this. It’s the reason I bought the book too! :rofl: :rofl:

Yours looks great! :happydance: :happydance:

Well what I meant was height-wise. I wasn’t sure if I should actually knit up the 5 3/4 iches (which would be to tall on me) or stop at the 5 inches like I did for myself for my family. If I had their heads near me (or if I could tell them I was making them one lol) it probably wouldn’t be a problem. I just don’t want to make theirs too big or too small :eyebrow: .

Purrrrfect!! Good for you making adjustments to it too!

:cheering: :cheering: I LOVE it :cheering: :cheering:

mmmm… :heart:

Becca !!! Is the SUPER INGRID FAN CLUB a real thing !!! LOL !! How cool if it is !!! I wanna join :roflhard: !!!

Love the hat!

I want one too! You did a great job. My Aunt made one for my DD last year, after I bought the book and before I knew how to knit. Her’s is blue and so cute on her.


Too cute!