Men's Tank top?

I was wondering if anyone knew of any patterns for a men’s tanktop… We finally have good enough weather for it here on the Southern Oregon Coast.

Hmmmm, a large woman’s without any lace or waist shaping? Or you can try looking for a man’s vest pattern with a rounded neck, or change a V to a scoop neck.

I’m about as big as a medium sized woman anyway… lol, just no boobs, is that like an A- cup?

Women’s clothing doesn’t go by bra and cup size, but by bust measurement, so whatever your chest size is should work. You might need a couple inches for ease, I doubt you want it skin tight.

Check your underarm to shoulder measurement first. You tie a string around your chest at the underarms, then measure straight up to the top of the shoulder by the inner higher part of the neck. I think that guys sweaters are longer than womens to the shoulder. Which might change the armhole shaping. And the neck opening is larger.

You could lay the sweater, in progress, over top a tank that already fits you. And use that as a guide on whether you need to work more underarm decreases.

I couldn’t find much online when I checked either.

There are some new (like last 5 or so yrs) books on knits for men. Check your library to see if they can get any of them before you invest sight unseen. You might find something there.

I was just kidding about the bra size, but thanks for the info. I may well want it skin tight though. makes me feel sexified.