Mens sweater inc

I finished the ribbing and changed to stockinette st. So now my pattern says - When the piece measures 8cm inc 1 st at each side every 6cm a total of 5 of 242sts. I started off with 222sts.

Does this mean I would do my first inc at 8cm and then every 6cm? :??


Ingrid, I was trying to find where you helped me on the neckband but I can’t find it so I am asking you here. I think it was you who told me to pick up stitches from the right side and it worked fine. The problem is the neckband is too tight for my son son I took it apart to pick up more stitches. I have to pick up more stitches than holes for it so in some stitches I had to pick up two stitches. When I made the neckband the first time it worked out because I only picked up once per stitch. I have to purl one row then knit one row then rib. I don’t know if I can explain it right but I pick up one stitch as if to knit then went into the same hole and wrapped the yarn around as if to knit. I seemed ok and when I purled the first row it seemed ok but when I went to the knit row that is where it did not work out. Where I purled twice in the hole that had two pick up stitches the purl looked like one. There were two heads but only one purl bump. So when I knit the first purl the second unwrapped and looked like it was a wrap around. I don’t know if I am explaining it right but am I ever getting frusturated. :grrr: I only want to do this one more time because I keep taking it out. Can you only pick up one stitch in a hole at a time? Is it because I purled the first round? Would it work if I just knit a round and the started the ribbing? :wall:

Usually you pick up one stitch per stitch. If you pick up two through the same one, you’re really just making a double wrapped stitch and it will unravel.

You can try picking up extra stitches by picking up in a stitch and between two stitches–that should work. You can also try using a larger needle than called for.

Ingrid, what do you mean by picking up a stitch between two stitches? My pattern says I can Pick up between 87sts to 105sts so even if I pick up all the stitches I still don’t have enough holes. That is why I tried to pick up two in one hole. He needs about 99sts because 87sts was too tight. You are exactly right, it looked like a wrapped stitch. I was afraid I was not explaining it right but you got it. :hug: So if I just pick up every stitch and use a size 4m instead of a size 3m it will make it wider? Won’t it look real chunky instead of nice ribbing? :shrug:

What I mean by picking up between the stitches is like this: the red would be how you normally would pick up and the blue would be between. I’ve never had to do it, but it looks like it would work.

As for the needle size, I don’t think it would look too loose. You’d have to try it and see if you like it.

Great visual :muah: I just ripped it apart and then I counted every available stitch I could go in.
For the back of the neck right side has 22st, the back left has 21 sts

For the front of the neck right side has 29sts, the front left has 27sts

That is a total of 99sts which would be good for his neck but the stitches are not spaced evenly. So is it better to just pick up these stitches like they appear with the 3m or should I do it spaced evenly and go inbetween like you said. Will it gap at one side more if there are more stitches than the other side?

Also, some stitches have a bigger gap than the others. I think it is because I must have CO that stitch looser and so the edge holds the stitch :?? open more. I think it looked better skipping that stitch and use the two stitches beside it to try and close it a little. But I need all the stitches I can get. Do you have any tips on how not to have any holes at the pick up edge? I first picked up with my regular tension and then ripped it out anc picked up looser so there was no pull on the stitch but in some spots there is still a little hole. What do you think?

I just tried to pick up the stitches inbetween the stitch but on the bind off edge there is not any so I have to go down one stitch to go inbetween. So some pick up stiches are at the bind off edge and some are lower. I would not be having all this problem if my son did not have a big head. :teehee: