Mens socks

hello, i’m making a pair of socks for my husband and i’m at the calf shaping and i’m really confused. i currently have 24 stitches on each of the 3 needles. here is what i dont understand.

[b]Calf Shaping
Shaping round: K1, SSK (or Slip one, Knit one, Pass slipped stitch over) knit to last three stitches, then K2 tog, K1

Repeat this shaping round every SEVENTH round FOUR times, for a total of 64 stitches.

(You should have 20 stitches on needle number one, 24 stitches on needle number two, and 20 stitches on needle number three.) [/b]

can someone pleassssssssssee explain that to me??? i understand the ssk and all that but when they say the 7th round do they mean after i have worked all 3 needles??? or just the first and third one cuz one of them should still have 24 stitches when i’m done with that???

and also after this for the heel flap it says :

[b]Heel Flap
Arrange to have 32 stitches on the heel flap (use whatever method works for you and gets the 32 stitches onto one needle).

Knit 32 rows in stockinette or heel stitch, end ready to begin a Right Side row. [/b]

what do they mean arrange to have 32 st on the heel flap??? please help. i really want this sock to be perfect for my hubby.

ok. one thing at a time.

Calf shaping:
you’re working all 3 needles. on needle 1, you knit 1, ssk and then work across the needle in knit. on needle 2, you just knit across, then on needle 3, you knit across until the last 3 stitches and then k2tog, k1.
you only decrease 2 stitches on the whole round.
you keep working around and around and then when you are on your 7th round, you decrease your 2 stitches again.

Heel flap:
Right now you have 20 st, 24 st, 20 st. for a total of 64 stitches.
your heel flap should be 1/2 of your stitches (32) and it’s best for these to all be on one needle. so you need to move your stitches around so they are how you want them. probably with that series of decreases down the back centered on those 32 stitches that will become your heel flap.

Hope that helps!!!

ok i get the calf shaping, but for the heel flap, will i only be using 2 needles then? 32 and 32 on each or 32 on 1 needle and 16 on the other 2 needles?? and which stitches should i move around???

you should move 16 from needle 1 and 16 from needle 3 to your spare needle. I think. and then i would probably split the 24 from needle 2 and put half of those with the st left on needle 1 and half on 3.

That’s all assuming that the decreases march up the back of the sock. Check your pattern. :smiley:

The heel flap is worked using 2 needles. The remaining 32 stitches just sit on the other needles until it’s time to complete the foot part. Hope this helps.

here is the link to the pattern

I dont know i guess i totally messed up with the gusset part. this pattern is just not written to be followed easily at all i guess. i’m just gonna frog it i guess and try to figure out the right gauge doing the sock class. thank you guys for your help though.

Try again with this easy tutorial:

Silver is a member of our forum, and is a VERY good knitter. She made this sock tutorial for BEGINNERS.

Good luck! :thumbsup: