Men's Sock Patterns

I’m looking for a men’s sock pattern to make socks for the DBF’s dad who recently had knee surgery. I’ve made a couple pairs of plain stockinette socks and I’m looking to expand my sock knitting skills. I looked at all the free patterns on Ravelry and while I like a few of them, I’m not sure I have enough yarn. I have 1 skein of Lana Grossa which is 420 yards and they call for more than I have. I was thinking a plain ribbing would be nice.
Anyone have any nice patterns in men’s sizes? I can only seem to find women’s sizes!

You are correct, they do normally call for more yarn than lady’s sock patterns! Have a look at my site if you would like, there are a couple that don’t require as much yarn, Mock Around the Clock took a bit less than a ball of Opal; Music Man took less than a ball of TOFUtsies; and Lonnie’s Sport Socks took a 2 - 50 gr. balls of KnitPicks yarn.
Those are all that I have for the amount that you require (fyi, on size 11 foot) but you can also check on, too…she has LOTS of patterns!