Men's Shawl Collar Pattern

I have knit a men’s V neck cardigan using a vintage pattern. I now want to add a shawl collar but all of the patterns I have found are for knitting the collar as you knit the band or the sweater. Does anyone have a pattern for knitting a collar after the sweater is finished? I thought I could just pick up stitches around the front and neck and knit, but that doesn’t seem to be working. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks,

Hi, welcome to KH. A shawl collar sounds like a great idea. Here’s one tutorial, there are others. If you’d like to post a photo we’d love to see!

That was quick! Thanks, I will read through this tutorial. My problem was the number of rows I had to knit before I started wrapping so that I ended up with a nice fold over.

You’re welcome. I was amazed at how quickly I got a response the first time I asked a question. It’s frustrating to wait and wait, even when I’m prepared to be patients. Others are quick so I try to be too.

You might want to look at German short rows. I much prefer them over W & T. For me it’s easier and IMO it looks better.

I think this is the one I followed. I think there’s less counting involved.

This is a nice tutorial for the shawl collar with picked up sts for a baby sweater. You’ll have to experiment a bit with the proportions for an adult sweater but one or two rows of plain knitting in whatever pattern stitch (ribibng?) you choose should be enough before starting the short rows. The number of short rows will depend on how deep you’d like the collar to be so again you may have to try a few rows to see if you like the shaping. I would put in a lifeline after you pick up stitches or after one row of knitting so that you can rip out the collar if necessary and not have to pick up sts again.

Thanks, this is exactly what I want my collar to look like. All of these suggestions are very helpful.