Mens scarf

My boyfriend wants a scarf but doesn’t want it to appear girly at all, and doesn’t want it to have verticle ribbing. Does anyone have ideas for a good pattern? Something simple would be great. Do you think a pearl on the edges then knit in the middle would be ok looking?

Check out the freebie patterns at knitpicks. They have some nice-looking men’s scarves. Lionbrand has a selection. What kind of yarn are you using? Perhaps stripes? Tons of choices at knittingpatterncentral. You can also opt for a ‘woman’s’ scarf if you like the pattern st and just sub whatever yarn he prefers.


I’m making a Henry scarf from Knitty right now for myself because I’m also not a fan of plane ol’ ribbing. It’s a herringbone stitch pattern knit length-wise.
Here’s the link:

Also, if you like the herringbone stitch look but are turned off by the 452 stitch rows, check out the Red Herring Scarf at:

Hope it helps!

I think that the thick scarves with big horizontal stripes are really in style. I am seeing them everywhere Like the harry potter scarves, but obviously you can do them in whatever color you want.

I’m doing the “Learn To Cable” scarf from the Lion web site. I’m doing it all one color in a very dark green and it’s working well.

Also, I like this Pythagorean Scarf pattern a lot.

I’ve made double moss stitch scarves (2x2 blocks) and basketweave scarves (4x4 blocks) for guys and they turn out quite nice. Not too girly, but not so plain that you’re bored out of your mind as you knit them.

I’ve made this scarf and found it easy. It looks very masculine.

I made two irish hiking scarves for my grown up nephews, one in gray and the other was like a army green color, they were very well received. I was worried they were too girly so i checked with my neighbor boy (who I think is very up on guy fashion) and he OK’d them for me.

I did the Danica entrelac scarf using Paton’s SWS in the Natural Earth colorway.

It came out fantastic. I’ve worn it often with my black leather bomber jacket and jeans and have gotten lots of compliments.

(btw, as in ‘Victor’, as in male)