Men's Scarf Pattern

Hello all! I was wondering if anyone had some great links or patterns for a man’s scarf? My DH bought me a wonderful anniversary gift-- a Swift and a Ball winder :cheering: :woot: :happydance:
So I thought I would get started on “his” Scarf-- He would like something long width ways and thick and soft-- so any ideas on yarn would also be appreciated!
Thanks for reading!

go to and check out ‘a scarf askew’…

im gonna be doing that for my bf soon!:cheering:

Someone just posted this link for a really nice man’s scarf from Mag Knits the other day (I’m sorry I don’t remember the OP) but I thought it was a really nice masculine scarf and saved the link.
Now I just need the man:knitting:

Thank you both for the links-- I really love that scarf!

Did you see Silver’s pattern for a reversible cabled scarf? It would be masculine in a plain yarn, and very warm with the cables.

Here is a site that I just subscribed to this week. It has many (79) free patterns. One of them is a scarf for a man. It looks a little difficult but nice.

ooo I found another one! and it’s easy too! it’s the basketweave scarf

I’m making this one and the askew one both for xmas! one for my bf and one for his dad!:woot:

hmmm…I wonder which one i should do for the bf and which for the dad:think:

I’m just finishing up this one. I like it a lot and it was very easy:

free Cartridge Belt Rib Scarf pattern from Knit Picks

I used Wool-Ease Chunky on #11 needles. I cast on 23 sts.