Men's Chunky Tunic pattern help please

Men’s Chunky Tunic pattern help please
This pattern is a free pattern posted on this site.
Knitting in the round- stocking stitch-have just separated the front from back and put the required stitches on st. holders. The working yarn is attached to the last 4 stitches on a st. holder (Armhole drop).
The pattern says: Turn and knit the 80 stitches for a further 39 rows-in stocking stitch, ending with the wrong side row.

Do I leave the working yarn attached to the last 4 stitches on the holder and attach another skein for the next 39 rows?
Pattern is on size 9 32" circular needle- pattern says nothing about changing to a straight needle.
Thanks to anyone that can help me.

you don’t need to knit those last 4 sts, knit till you have those 4 sts remaining, put those unworked 4 sts on holder, then turn, yarn is still attatched to the working part, continue from there.
you can keep using the circular needles, but will work back and forth with them instead of in the round. (or you can swap to straights if you prefer to)

Thank you for replying.
The pattern said knit the last 4 sts and then put them on a st holder. I did this and the working yarn is still attached to them.
Then pattern said: Turn –does turn mean just turn the work so the last four knitted stitches (on the holder) are now on the right?
If so, would I attach a new skein of yarn and start knitting on the left circular needle;
leaving the first working yarn still attached to the 4 knitted stitches on the holder?

The pattern supplies called for only one size 9 32” needle for the body. So I was not sure
how to knit the 39 rows with a only one circular needle. The pattern also called for a size 9 16” that could be used (although the pattern does not mention doing this), and will be a tight fit with 80 stitches. I just want to ensure I knit it correctly.
The pattern is on this site in the free pattern section if you wouldn’t mind checking it for me?

I know this is a time consuming question Thanks again!.

[B]Knit 4 stitches and put these on a holder. Knit 72,(80,88) stitches, knit and put the next 8 stitches on a holder, knit 72,(80,88) stitches put next 4 stitches on holder. Turn and working on this 72,(80,88) stitches work a further 39 rows in stocking stitch (ending with a wrong side row). Change to 4.5mm needle and garter stitch pattern starting with a purl row work 15 rows[/B]

[B]Since you are working in the round, after you knit those first 4 stitches and place them on a holder, you continue knitting around. your working yarn will be in the right place because you are still knitting around. Knit the next bunch of sts then put the next batch on st holder AFTER you’ve knitted them, only the first four and the 8. When you get the last batch knitted, the last 4 sts to put on the holder are not knitted, you will turn and start working back and forth on the last bunch of sts you knit.[/B]

[B]I hope that made sense![/B]

Thank you!
I wrote down the knitting instructions from the pattern
erroneously (to knit the last 4 stitches).
Thank you for checking the pattern for me, and posting
it so I could see my mistake.

You’re welcome!