Men's Chemo cap patterns?

I’ve been looking through the hats on knittingpatterncentral, but Im not finding anything I really like…

DH’s work friend was diagnosed with brain & lung cancer…he’s just starting to lose his hair.

Has anyone seen a pattern that a fashion-conscious man might like? Needs to be knit in the round…no irritating seams.


I thought FOR SURE that one of our guys would point me in the direction of their favorite MANHAT pattern! :frowning:


I think we have all the same pattern links. What about a regular hat-hat? Men aren’t as particular as women about baldness and fashion.

Yeah, I guess you’re right…although, this guy is pretty fashion-conscious.

Whats a HAT-HAT?? :roflhard:

What’s a hat-hat?

Something you wear on your head-head!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

Kelly, just checked your recent posts. You’re in rare form today! :thumbsup:


:roflhard: You know–rib a few rows, knit a few inches, dec, bind off. Add a manly stripe if you want. Some camo, maybe.

why not marnies pismo hat!

That’s what I was going to say! Pismo!

I had considered Pismo, but its TINY yarn on TINY needles ALL in k1p1 rib! Im not sure Id have the patience!

I finally found a pattern in a book that my LYS let me BORROW! Link to the pattern pic and pics of the YUMMY yarn are in my blog thread!

I just finished a pismo hat tonight and it took me FOREVAH!!! :shock: Seriously, off/on for a few months, in between other projects. And right at the end I couldn’t take it anymore so I started decreasing every 3 rows instead of every 4 rows, and fastened it all off when I still had 30 stitches remaining. So now it’s got a big (well, 1/4" probably but it looks big) hole in the top. It is VEEEERY CUTE though and if I don’t feel like wearing it myself I’m sure my son will love it.

What about the coronet hatfrom knitty in a manly color??

Ive already got 1/3 of the LYS hat done now… :lol: