Men who knit.. what do you think?

My husband doesn’t knit but he does sew and can make a mean batch of cookies. I love that he can be a big hunk of a guy and still take enjoyment in the more delicate things…
So… recently I saw a man knitting and I thought, OH MY WOW! :inlove:
(I could have been ovulating) but I thought that was just about the sexiest thing ever.:heart:

What do you think?
Or just feminine?

I just saw the Addi video thread. Too funny.

We have a lot of men in here in the forum. :thumbsup:

Guys who knit are cool! :guyknitting: :cool:

Now I know how it feels for you women to be looked at like a piece of meat! :roflhard:

I’m a guy, so obviously I have no idea how the female mind works :shudders: , but I can say that I get a lot more female attention when I’m knitting than when I’m not…:thumbsup:

Now I know how it feels for you women to be looked at like a piece of meat! :roflhard:

I’m a guy, so obviously I have no idea how the female mind works :shudders: , but I can say that I get a lot more female attention when I’m knitting than when I’m not…:thumbsup:

I don’t think of them any differently than I do a woman who knits…Probably because I’m used to there being a lot of guy knitters here on the forum…I pretty much think it’s awesome when I see anyone knitting…lol

Totally!!! :slight_smile:

I try to make my husband start. But he looks scared. Well, I see my chance. He was looking at my sewing dubiously for quite a while. And all of a sudden I am coming home and he made part of this carneval costume (technically correct and double seamed). And then a year or so later, he is sewing ultra lightweight stuff sacks for camping, developing into rain tarp, and this summer he will sew a whole tent from scratch.
So, one day I will get him knitting. :smiley:
I sew few men (live) who knit around here. Even though almost all German boys and girls learn basic knitting in school. (my husband is American, so he missed out on that :D)

But I have gotten a lot of attention from guys (e.g. on trains) when I knit away… they always ask me about the technical attitudes…

That’s cool they teach knitting in schools there!

While I certainly don’t mind getting attention from women when they see me knitting, the ones who bother me are the ones who act like it’s something unusual. Men knitting was NOT unusual at all until post world war II.

all I can say is:

Russell Crowe



I remember a tourist group in a fishing museum in the north of Iceland (yup, was there, more than once :wink: )
they heard that the men were sewing their own waterproof leather outfits… several middle aged women (group dumbness sticking out their ears)…: “Oh my god! Did their wifes die, or why did they attemt that? The outfits must have been all horrible!”

The tourists were German and I did my best to not seem German (which is kind of hard when you are) and forgot my mother tongue. They had other comments along those lines, too.

To schools: In elementary school crafts German kids almost always do some knitting (knits, purls, usually becomes a snake or something), crocheting (we did some simple pot holder or so), weaving (don’t ask me what that was supposed to be in the end) and stitching.

In my high school there was a girl class for crafts (mandatory, though) and we did some elaborate window-decoration crochet, corchet a shopping net, knit a pullover (mine lacks sleves to this day, putting me in trauma :wink: ) and sewed a skirt.

The elementary school stuff is mandatory for all kids though, as far as I know.

I did know all these crafts before we had them in school and so did some of the other girls. But everybody was at least exposed to it for a few weeks.

Comes in handy in life!


MMario - REAL men knit LACE


Is Russel Crowe demonstrating a new hand hold for knitting? Does not matter the fact that he has knitting in his hand and is willing to have his picture taken is amazing.

People need to be careful if you insult a man while he is knitting he has long pointy sticks in his hands and a circular needle cable makes a great garrote. Or so I have been told.

I sew and repair my wife’s (who does not sew) clothes. I have sewn kilts and it is a lot of fun kitting in public kilted, just to watch faces. I cook better than my wife, though she is progressing quite well. The only thing that I can think is gender specific is bearing children. I did not leave out fathering children with the possibility of cell spontaneously dividing it may be possible for a woman to have a fatherless child.

From :roflhard:
to :nails:

Or just feminine?

Well, there’s the rub. :doh:

Knitting, crochet, needle point, and sewing are skills and are neither masculine nor feminine. In my experience, fewer men than women are able to make and accept this separation. (Although some terms suck as tailor or seamstress do indicate gender of the crafter.)

Straight men also crochet and knit. There is a group on Ravelry by that name. My wife does think it is sexy when I knit or crochet.

When I knit in public, I get more comments of interest from women than from men. Typically, men will not comment unless they already know me. More often it is women who will make appreciative comments or ask questions about my WIP. The frequency of interest increases with age; I get more comments from women my age (40 something) or older than I do from younger women.

Knitting is a sign of a bigger, erm, brain. :thumbsup:
Yeah. That’s the ticket.[/COLOR]

My husband knits. It’s positively OBNOXIOUS because he’s better than I am (although he doesn’t have the staying power to finish a whole project). So, not sexy, annoying! But it’s handy when I’m figuring out a stitch or a pattern or trying to understand this double knitting thing. His engineering man-brain is very useful for those things.

As a guy knitter, I get this question from straight guys who don’t knit.

“You know they sell those in stores now? Right?”

I don’t find men knitting at all feminine or sexy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it just the knitting or is my ability to make a mean pie from scratch also sexy?
I know I find women bowhunters and archers sexy but a woman changing a tire wouldn’t do a thing for me.

I sure do wish I would’ve known these things when I was much younger.

and it is a lot of fun kitting in public kilted, just to watch faces.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

:rofl: I want a picture :roflhard:

But you don’t do it for just the effect, do you? Also for the “shere self of you”? Great!

My husband became a much better cook than I am and his pie crust is amazing (and inherited from his DAD). Other dows are my teritory. And I do not cook badly, either, he is just BETTER.
I just wish he would knit, too. Then he would understand my projects better or be able to sympathise more with difficulty or size of project.
But he pays attention when I knit and feels bad when I frog big parts. Just wish I could make him start. He would LOVE it. And he was really close, lately. Just didn’t quite jump on it. oh, well.

They teach in America as well. I was at the park sitting on a bench knitting/watching my dauther when a 13 year old girl comes over to me and tells me she likes to knitt too. She told me she learned knitting from junior high as an elective (extra class).

Rosegirl147 :knitting:
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