Men & Pedicures... your thoughts?

My nail salon gives the bestest pedicures ever. I LOVE getting my pedicures. I always rave to DH about how nice it is and I almost fall asleep in the chair cause it’s sooooo damn relaxing. The massaging chair is incredible!

So, I told him that next time I go (next week), I’m taking him with me and he needs to get a pedicure too. It would do him good cause he drives all day and his driving leg is always tired n sore. Plus he picks his toenails (:ick:) and I think he’d like having someone else take care of them.

Although he agrees the massage would be wonderful, and the chair sounds great, he’s not sure if he wants to have it done. I guess it’s a MAN thing. :rollseyes: But honestly, I know he’d really enjoy it.

Do any of your male SO’s (significant others), or you male knitters, ever get pedicures? What does a woman think of a guy who gets pedicures? Help me convince him that there’s nothing to be shy about! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a few guys getting manicures when I’ve been at the nail salon (and they look like they’re pretty manly men). They don’t get polish or anything but its just to make their hands nice. I think a pedicure would be the same thing. Its not like he has to get pink polish or anything.:teehee:

LOL- i WISH he’d get one, but the one time I suggested it, DH looked at me like I’d fallen from another planet.

Seriously guys- if its sandal season- get a pedi!!!

Some of the younger (25-ish) guys at work I know get them. there’s no nail polish or anything involved- just good grooming.

and I agree they are soooo relaxing and good for my mental health. (suddenly I feel the need to go visit my spa…)

several nail places near us have sort of secluded pedi areas so the men don’t feel too self conscious- maybe you could see if your place does that too? good luck and it would be a nice relaxing couple-thing/ date time.

It’s not easy to convince a man to go out of his comfort zone and do something unusual. I know my husband would probably not do it and I am not sure he would enjoy it frankly. Not all men or women for that matter like having their feet messed with at all.

I don’t particularly like pedicures myself. I would not press the issue frankly, though invite hime when you go and see if he will.

My SO gets them. He has horrible calluses and prefers to have someone else work on them. His feet are oddly shaped (very wide front, very narrow heel) and consequently grow the calluses to fit into his shoes.

He’s talked many guys into getting pedicures by stating the virtues of getting the nails properly cut, the massage and the calluses worked on. I guess most men think manicures and pedicures are all about the polish and don’t realize there is so much more to it than that.

Of all the guys I know who get it, they are diehard converts and absolutely love it!


Nah, I don’t think that’s for me. Most of us guys just don’t care enough about such things to go to the bother.

I’ve never had one, but I’d love to. I’m a little chicken about being an interloper in what feels like women’s territory–which explains part of my reticence about going to a LYS (although I am getting better about that). I’ve met a few ultra-far-left-wing feminists in my extended community circle who have let me know in no uncertain terms that some women do NOT appreciate men intruding into their environment, so I tend to be cautious about assuming I’d be welcome. It’s not so much a matter of fear as it is respect for their need for a safe place.

I was a hairstylist for 12 years and while I didn’t do that many pedicures once I was out of school I had a wonderful gentleman that got pedi’s from me every other week. He was quite elderly and unable to take good care of his feet on his own… He LOVED getting pampered. He was so thankful he made my little girl the cutest pull toy. It was a duck that he hand carved and the wheels had rubber feet so it made the greatest sound when you pulled it. I still treasure that duck. :slight_smile:

My stepdad gets pedi’s from my mom. He has been to a couple of salons, but feels more comfortable when myself or my mom do them at home.

My DH isnt too into the pedi idea, but he has done it a couple of times.

I did invite him, and he’s not totally turned off to the idea. But he’s not all to eager either. It’s not like he doesn’t like having his feet worked on, I’ve given him pedicures at home and he loves them. It’s just getting one in public that he’s not excited about. Even though they do a way better job than I do.

That’s encouraging. I think it would be cool if he got them from time to time. :slight_smile:

Hmmmm… interesting. I’ve never seen a man to scoff at me when I walk into a sports bar or pool hall. Those “ultra-far-left-wing feminists” [I]do not[/I] speak for all women. Fair is fair. If I can come to your pool hall, you can come to my nail salon.

My nail salon isn’t all girly-girly though. They offer a full range of services including waxing. They have regular male clients for chest/back waxing n such, although that’s taken care of in a back room.

Thanks for the input everyone!! I’ll let you know if I can convince him… and what he thinks of it if he comes. :slight_smile:

I wish my husband would get one! He picks at his toenails which drives me CRAZY and then he leaves the nails on the table! UGH! How gross is THAT???
Anyhow, I’ve told him before that he should have a manicure because he’s always working on his car or motorcycle and his nails are always cruddy. He says guys are supposed to have dirty nails. I don’t THINK so…

What a nut but I adore him…

LOL Larudden, your husband sounds just like mine! Picking his toenails drives me bonkers. Just that little click click sound and I want to scream, then he has to flick his toenails at me and laugh like it’s the funniest thing in the world. Hahah! I love him but man that’s gross. But at least he’s not as limber as he used to be when he would BITE his toenails. :ick:

He too works on his car or motorcycle but he got tired of having to scrub his hands and nails afterwards. So he wears disposable nitrile gloves now when he’s playing mechanic. He keeps his fingernails pretty darn clean and is always picking at them with his pocketknife. See why I think he should get a pedicure? Heck, maybe even a manicure!

My husband is a firefighter and he loves pedicures. So do several of his friends. We go all the time to get pedicures together

My dad has never gotten a pedicure. He is very shy about his feet because when he did weightlifting in college (he is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1977 Intermural Weightlifting Champion–a fact which he still brags about today) he dropped a weight on his big toes and his nails have never been quite right since :ick:. Therefore he probably won’t let anybody near his feet.

I’m sure that most guys don’t do it because they see it as a girl thing. Or they just don’t care–if you don’t wear open toed shoes or sandals, why bother?

On the other hand, neither my mom nor I have ever had a pedicure. And I don’t think I will ever have one–my feet are so sensitive and ticklish that I’d probably kick the poor person working on them.


Your handknit socks would thank you. They’d feel softer against your skin and they wouldn’t snag. I’m just sayin’. :wink:

My SO has no desire to get one either, and I’m certain he’d enjoy the experience and the benefits because he’s otherwise very well groomed. His resistance to my request to go with me is lowering, so someday…

:lol:[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]But I bet the woman/en in your life wish you did care enough…:teehee:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]I tend to dislike straight men coming into “women’s environments” when they act like they are the “authorities” in that area. Gay men don’t bother me at all and generally I like to get their opinions on color, style and such as all my taste is in my mouth.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

So in your mind straight guys couldn’t possible know about such things? Hmmm, my past girlfriends would disagree.

My uncle- the biggest sexist oinker on the east side of the mississippi - takes his twin daughters every week and they all get a pedicure. :teehee:

I give my hubby a pedicure every month. I don’t get them myself for 3 reasons.

1; I hate feet, (but love my hubby and he loves having his feet done)

2; I hate anyone touching my feet.

3; I have no toenails. (Honest, I have such cold feet due to bad circulation. My toenails came off when I was a teenager and have never grown back. I just have nail beds)

My hubby absolutely loves having his feet done. I put a nail strengthening product on his nails too.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]Nope, it’s the attitude of the man. He steps into the area and lets everyone know he’s there, he’s a man and he knows all the answers. It’s more the need to be acknowledged as lord and master that irritates me. If a person is an expert or just knowledgeable that’s great but to announce it and expect special acknowledgement because of gender… [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#9932cc]There are many men who are masters in the fiber world and most of them, like yourself, offer information without insisting that because they are male the automatically know these things.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]