Meg Swanson's "Feather and Fan" shawl

Has anybody made the “Feather and Fan” shawl from Meg Swanson’s book, “A Gathering of Lace” (this item is featured on Knit Picks’ site at

What size needles does this use? I know how to do a feather and fan pattern, but I was a little bit intimidated to attempt this without knowing what size needles it used. Is it two strands held together or just a single strand of yarn?

I haven’t done it, but I do have the book.

It uses size 5 needles in dpn and circular 16, 19 and 60 inches long.

It calls for laceweight yarn, not doubled.

Thanks so much Ingrid! Does the pattern look very complicated? I’m still a rather newer knitter (about 2 years) and I don’t venture out much into very hard pattern territory yet! :oops:

The charts don’t look difficult–basic stitches, inc, dec, yo’s and such and it has a very symmetrical look to them, so that part wouldn’t be hard. The chart for the edging looks complicated if you haven’t done charts, but if you just do things as they’re written, it won’t be confusing.

The hardest part for me would be the sheer number of stitches!!

There’s a KAL for a triangular F&F: You can start anytime. (scroll down for the right-column pics)

The pattern is for sale here (NAYY):