Anybody else have a meez??

You can sign up at if you want to.

I have 2:

My crocheting friend who i have mentioned on here a few times ( and who also got on once) has 1.

Her user name is allisonramsey.

BTW: both of my are just fooling around with clothes i liked so i dont really have a lip ring xD

You can search my user names in the search feature and ask to be my friend.

You can go to the search box by going to Community and then Search.

Thanks!! :muah:

I have one that I use as an avatar sometimes, just because I like the way it looks.

I don’t use the site though; it looks like it might be fun, but I spend (waste?) so much time on the internet already . . .

I have one - my user name is knitpurlgurl

Great…now I am addicted to more free games!

lol Crycket

Yes I do. She’s put away for now.:slight_smile: