I have been trying to find anything about Medieval knitting…

Did they even knit back that far? I have been trying to find anything [U]authentic[/U].

I ended up finding a few charted designs for filet crochet, that I think I may adapt into something knitted…but…I wanted to find sweaters, or hats or really anything from the time period…

Am I looking for something that doesn’t exist?

Your post got me curious. The answer is “yes” they knitted back then, but my guess is that they didn’t write down any patterns and not many samples survived, either. Good luck with your mission.

If your google medieval knitting you will get a few thousand hits.

You may find some useful information in the wikiepedia article on the history of knitting. While it’s been around for several millenia, I don’t think it was used much for garments in the Middle Ages, except stockings probably. I have another article on early knitting, from an SCA newslette.

Strictly speaking it’s post medieval, but there are some 17th century knitted items found in bogs in Ireland in the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin, I don’t think they are currently on display, but they were on show last time I was down there - very impressive - lots of tiny stitches.
There is an archaeologists group on Ravelry and some people have posted links to early examples of knitwear, one of which was a 12th century Islamic sock