Medieval Help Desk

A monk has finally decided to upgrade from scrolls to that curious new invention: the printed book. But he has no idea how to use one, so he calls the tech desk.
The video is in Norgewian with english subtitles.

[youtube=“pQHX-SjgQvQ”]Medieval Help Desk[/youtube]



I pasted the link to the video to dh’s work AIM (he works as a Tier 3 Tech… which is who you call when your phone/internet/cable isn’t working!)

LOL! Just today I tried to connect to my parents internet and my DNS wasn’t working, so I opened the Help window. You know what it said? "We’re sorry, Internet Explorer was unable to access the internet. Please try again later."
I literally yelled at the thing that that was the whole problem! Even though computers can’t hear, yet. I’m sure I’ll get the deaf one.