Measuring Yoke gauge

Hello, I am knitting a color work yoke from a top down pattern. I did a gauge swatch in the round and had gauge. I measured my unfinished yoke and the gauge is off by about 4 stitches. I know gauge can change for various reasons, but I’m wondering if it is possible or not to get correct gauge in a color work yoke because the stitches are rounded, as the circle grows with increases. What I mean is that it is difficult to measure them in a straight line against the ruler. Does anyone know what I mean? Thanks.

You’ve worked your gauge swatch in the round but you can measure that flat since you don’t need to work any shaping. Frustratingly, gauge sometimes changes when you get knitting on a project, either tightening or loosening. Are you off by 4sts in the entire yoke or is it 4sts per some smaller length?
Can you measure the number of sts over 2 inches? That may not be precisely as accurate as measuring over a greater number of inches but it’ll come close.
How is the fit of the yoke so far? Have you knit enough to try it on and check the fit?

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Thank you. I meant 4 stitches off per 4 inches ( supposed to be 24per 4 inches and I had 28 or so, but couldn’t tell since there was a curve. I have just now measured per inch and I am one stitch off per inch. Measuring per inch made so much more sense in this case, so that really helped. I think what I will do is block what I have so far, to see if I’m on track.

It sounds like you’ve already worked this out, but I just wanted to say that you don’t need to worry about the increases when measuring row gauge on the yoke. Just hold your tape measure or ruler vertical at centre front or centre back.

In terms of stitch gauge, yes, the rounds of stitches will be curved. You can measure over a short enough distance so the curve doesn’t matter, manipulate the fabric slightly to counteract the curve (might need to pin it to something if you don’t have three hands!), or put your tape measure on its side and curve it to match the stitches.

Good point about measuring!

It’s often the case that stranded knitting is tighter (more sts/inch) than stockinette. You can get around that by going to a larger size needle for the stranded knitting. You may even need to go up two sizes.
Depending on the yarn you’re using, wet blocking may well relax the yarn and get you back at least closer to the gauge and size you need. Good luck with it and let us know how it turns out!

Yes, I went up a needle size from suggested and knit very loosely. It’s drying now and if the blocking doesn’t make the guage I’ll frog and start over with a larger needle, I’m not too far in. Thanks for the support ! :blush: