Measuring yarn

How do I work out if I have enough yarn for a spcific pattern?:knitting:

You mean you don’t know how much you have, or what? A pattern will give the yardage needed, so if the yarn you have is similar, it will take about the same yardage. If you can be more specific - what yarn, what pattern - we can give you better answers.

Grr sorry … Its yarn that I have just spun. Corridale and Jacobs a single of each. In the Uk we buy wool by the grams … there is no yardage given on a pattern. I am new to spinning so unsure If I just weigh the wool I have now plyed to be able to knit it up … Sorry for the rubbish wording in the first place.:oops:

It’s okay. store bought yarn will have oz/grams on it and your pattern may say use so many 50 gram balls of ‘such & such’ yarn
With homespun yarn, 50 grams of fiber spun into lace weight yarn will yield a lot more yardage than 50 grams of fiber spun into bulky weight yarn.
First thing to do is figure out which ‘weight’ of yarn you have spun. A standard yarn weight chart can be found here:
Okay, so how do you know if the yarn you spun is fingering, DK or worsted (or any of the others?)???
You figure out your average Wraps Per Inch of your handspun
Put the two together and you should be able to figure out how much yarn you need to spin for a pattern!