Measuring for a cardigan

Hello! Im new here and was wondering if anyone could answer a question for me. Im an intermediate knitter and I enjoy trying new and challenging patterns once I master whatever im currently working on.
Ive decided to attempt a cardigan. I understand the stitches and the pattern for the most part but it offers different sizes to do the pattern in (small, medium, large, and extra large) normally at the store I would buy a large but I want to make sure this is going to fit me since I will be putting so much work into it :slight_smile:
The measurements are at the beginning of the pattern but I dont know how to measure on my body.
The “finished measurements” are
"chest (buttoned): 44(47)([COLOR=“DarkOrange”]50[/COLOR])(53) inches
"length: 24 1/2(25)([COLOR=“darkorange”]25 1/2[/COLOR])(26) inches
If Im attempting the large size itll be the one I highlighted orange. I think I understand how to measure the length, from shoulder to waist but im not sure how to measure the chest. Is it around my bust or above or below it?

If anyone needs to see the pattern its at just type in Autumn Glow in the search box and itll come right up.

The best thing to do measure a sweater that fits you the way you like and compare it to the finished measurements. Usually they are listed somewhere on the pattern. If not then you can measure yourself around the bust. Then choose the closest size with the ease you want. It’s also important to do a swatch to see what your gauge is.

The total length is from the shoulder to the hem of the sweater, so unless it stops at the waist, you need to find out where 25½" hits you. The 50" around buttoned is how large around the bust that will be and you’ll need that to be a couple inches larger if you plan to wear other shirts or sweaters under it. You can decide if that’s going to be too large or too small.

The S M L XL sizes given in a pattern are relevant to each other and to that pattern only, and may not correspond to a size you ‘usually wear’. Even ready to wear clothes differ in size from others from another company. I can wear M L or XL depending on the brand and the style.

the way I read your measurements, it will be the size of the garment, not the “size of you”.
That means: If you measure a piece of garment then you know how lose or tight the cardigan will be. You can virtually try it on.

The reference to “buttoned” must mean that the cardigan overlaps on a button band or just over the front parts. That is why your two pieces will be bigger than that total but the size will tell you your actual garment.

of course, finding out, what the maximum extrusion of your upper body is will help :slight_smile: The garment has to be at least a little bigger of course, if you do not want to stretch it.

Thank you all so much! The information really helped me figure out what size to make. I think Ill be doing the medium based on my measurements, Ill probably swim in the large :slight_smile: