Meaning of "Work two rows even"

In my sweater pattern, I’m knitting the raglan yoke part right now, and doing the purl every other row, then knitting row (knit yo knit sm k yo k to next marker…) every other row.

When I get finished with the 37 pairs of eyelets along the raglan shapelines, it says:

Work two more rows even

What does that mean? Work two more rows even?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me with this.

It means to work two rows without any shaping, in this case to knit one row and purl one row.

Thank you very much!

An instruction to ‘work even (or work x rows even)’ is put in a pattern after increases or decreases. It means keep the stitch number ‘even’, don’t inc or dec.

ok…it’s an instruction given after the patten has been asking you to increase or decrease on the rows you are working.

Otherwise, why wouldn’t it just say:
Next row: K to end
Next row:P to end

I guess I will learn the knitting terminology as I go…thanks to you guys here at KH!!

It doesn’t say that because sometimes the pattern can be more complicated than k one row, p one row. It’s really sort of an abbreviation that takes up less space to print.

the part i am lost at is when you have to k1 ssk yo k2tgo yo then purl next row then it says to work even i am lost there

Continue in pattern as established. That is, your next row is purl then the next row is the one with decreases and yo’s. Continue these two row repeats with no additional increases or decreases for as many rows, or until the length specified, as directed. HTH

:stuck_out_tongue: thank you very much