Meaning of MC and CC in slip stitch pattern?


Could anyone please help me understand the directions ‘with MC’ and ‘with CC’ in the following pattern for knitting the slipstitch border. I understand the wyif and wyib (with yarn in front/back)

Many thanks


MC - Main color
CC - Contrast color

Ah thank you. I considered that but the picture and directions use only 1 colour.

Thanks again

It looks like there are two colors in the border part of the sweater and hat. But they don’t make things real clear.

What a delightful pattern. I have a friend who is expecting a baby girl next month. That could be a quick “I’m sick of this sweater” project.

I like it - I am such a new knitter every project is full of firsts and challenges. I have just started this in a dark rusty red with white trim (It is for an unborn baby so I am going gender neutral with the colour) . Let me know if you decide to make it - I could do with the help!