Meaning of life

No, not really, but it IS a monumental question: what is the secret to getting the free end of the yarn out of the middle of the skein? I was told just to grab inside and feel around…this method rarely works for me, I usually have all the innards of the skein falling out, and end up using the end from the outside after all. :shock:

help! :wall:

Boy, this is as important as the meaning of life… for us knitters anyway!!
I try every time to pull from the center and although I don’t routinely get the end, the smaller clog I pull from the middle, the better I feel. I can usually fish out the end from that part of “yarn barf” as some call it and go from there. I usually have better luck finding the inner end when the skeins are those funky “space ship” shaped looser skeins.
Otherwise, many folks rewined their skeins as well as hanks, mostly to make sure there are no breaks or knots to surprise them later, and then you can have control over having a nice peice to hold onto and pull from the center pull ball. I tend to not like going from the outside of a skein as my yarn will twist in on itself after the skein has rolled around, even when sitting in a bowl or a bag. :thumbsup:

It is hit or miss. I try to look to see which side the outer yarn end is pointing to and reach in the other side, just because there have been skeins that said to do that. Rarely, I get the right spot, but usually get a blob like Binky said. If that’s not knotted, it’s an ok start. If the entire inside pulls out, then I rewind it on the baller.

Okay. I’ll keep digging away in the center! Thanks for the tip about the opposite end… Wish I had a baller! I;ve only seen one once, in Austin.

You should check out Amy’s video on making your own center pull ball. I have a winder, but no swift, so I haven’t used my winder yet. Basically you just wrap yarn back and forth between your thumb and first finger in a figure 8 fashion and once you get about a dozen or more wraps of it (make sure you have a good length of “tail” for your pulling end for the center before wrapping your fingers) you just wind a ball from there. Tip: make sure you wind your ball with two or three of your fingers on the ball to make sure you don’t wind too tightly. Then, viola, you have your very own center pull ball!
I actually wound a 10 gallon bucket-ful of yarn for a girl friend once night during a movie at her house while our DH’s veg’d out. She had frogged a blanket and was crocheting a new one and carried this yarn in her “yarn bucket”. She was so tickled I rewound it for her, made me feel like a super hero! :rofling:

I was told that you don’t need a swifter. You can wrap the yarn hank around the back of a chair or something structured like that and then you can wind the yarn up from there. I heard swifters were expensive. I might just get a winder. I did watch the video on making a center pull ball so I’ll try that in the meantime.

You’re right, you don’t [size=2]NEED [/size]a swift, but if you use a ball winder, you do need to put your hank on something that will move freely when you wind. The back of a chair I feel is best for hand winding, but if you can have a willing volunteer hold the hank around their outstretched hands, then they can move in such a way that the yarn can come off as the ball winder takes it. Some have even laid a hank around a wide lamp shade with the nut on the top loosened so the shade will rotate. Or, if usin the chair, you have to help feed the yarn off the chair to give some slack for the winder to take it up. Make sense?
I’m holding out hope that my handy hubby can make a table top swift for me like this one for a more economical price. I think this version would be more my speed than one that clamps to a table…

Ahh I see… I will for sure check out Amy’s video. I never heard of the swift thing, so that is cool to know. Thanks for sharing the picture, I would not have been able to visualize it.


This is probably the more common version of a swift you’ll see when surfing the net catalogs or in stores and such… It expands like an umbrella and is sometimes called an "umbrella swift."
My hubby said once when he saw one in use at a shop “Is that what you want to wind your yarn into skanks?”

I don’t usually wind my hanks into balls until I’m ready to use them so I have yet to knuckle under to buying a swift. Hence why hubby has escaped my usually impatience for him to make me one. Besides, many yarn shops will wind your hanks for you if you ask, mine does for free. Some websites offer winding for a fee when you order from them.

LOL :smiley:

there IS such a thinkg as knitting porn!

Seriously, the only LYS here just closed, and they did not have a winder when they were open.

There is a chance that some friends from the weekly knitting circle will do a yarn crawl in the Phoenix area sometime soon - then we will see such marvels!