Me Vs. The Cardigan - Wish me luck!

Well I’ve finally decided it’s about time to tackle a project that’s been haunting my knitting for over 6 months now…

It’s the first (and only) pieced garment I’ve ever attempted, a white cotton cardigan that sleeves just wouldn’t fit to. :frog:

This thing has shaken my confidence in making anything of the sweater persuasion. Well it’s time to show that cardigan who’s boss, and try it again, even if it means gulp [size=2]frogging the sleeves and re-knitting[/size] :help:

So I’m coming here [size=1]to procrastinate[/size] for some moral support before I tackle my knitting nemesis “The Stupid Cardigan”

You can do it! One row at a time, baby steps, baby steps.

Be sure not to knit an adult cardigan out of 100% cotton – it will be too heavy and get stretched out of shape unless you’re using a very fine guage yarn. Cotton blends are great.

How are the sleeves not fitting? Are they too big, too small?

The sleeve caps are too small, I just undid all the seams that were half finished and laid it out again and it the sleeves look like they’re REALLY too small for the armhole - as in hopelessly too small.

I’m starting to think maybe this should be frogged… I started it over a year ago, when I had only been knitting for about 6 months, it is all cotton and an adult size so it could likely have some serious problems when I wear it. I hate to frog it and was hoping to beat it into submission to help overcome my fear of large pieced garments. Socks? fine! Lace? great! Illusion Knits? Sure! Felting? Sure! But a sweater or cardigan that’s knit in multiple pieces? :shock: Don’t even THINK about it!

But now that I’m realizing the sleeves are beyond help, and very possibly the pattern to blame, maybe it wasn’t ALL me (I mean how could I possibly mess up THAT much?!.. [size=2]ok don’t answer that.[/size]) maybe I should just frog this thing… sigh :verysad:

Maybe you can just frog the tops of the sleeves? Then you can make them bigger/smaller in order to fit the armhole. :thinking:

Don’t let this one project scare you away from sweaters. I recently had a major sleeve problem with a sweater, too, so it does happen to other people, too. I ended up frogging the whole sweater because I found another major problem, and quite frankly, I hated it at that point so frogging gave me revenge. :devil: :rofling:

Revenge is sweet!! :twisted:

And Ingy’s right, don’t let this scare you away from sweaters! Just start over, perhaps with a different yarn and even a different pattern. Use that cotton for a throw or something cozy where the fact that it’s heavy and stretches won’t matter.

Join the cardigan KAL–you might find inspiriation there for something new! And you can of course find all sorts of help as you work through the sweater pieces, including the sleeves.

Could you add a crochet edging to the caps of the sleeves to make them larger? Then you wouldn’t have to frog anthing.

Lynda M

Here’s another option: Pick up stitches around the armhole and knit sleeves in the round.

:thumbsup: That is my preferred way of doing sleeves!

Ooooh I like that idea! That is if I decide to keep the rest of it, and not get my revenge Ingrid-style and frog it. :wink:

At one point I’d considered taking a nice shiny pair of snippy scissors to it :devil: … but that would be a waste of some lovely fiber, and it’s not the yarn’s fault!.