MD Sheep and Wool Festival - Who's going?

Anyone here going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend?

I’ll be going tomorrow (sunday) and was wondering if anyone wanted to meet up or something. I know it’s late notice, sorry.


YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!! Take lots of photos & have fun…get me something nice :roflhard: :rofling: Can’t wait to see the pics :happydance: :happydance:

Wow! That’s a lot of vendors! The lamb cook-off seems a bit weird, though. :frowning:

I wanted to, but I couldn’t get home this weekend. :verysad:

I went along with the Hubster and my lil man this afternoon.

It was very busy and it can be tough to get into the most popular booths but it’s well worth it!

We tried a lamb gyro but weren’t terribly impressed - it was very over-priced and didn’t taste anywhere near as good as other gyros we’ve had. Other than that we enjoyed ourselves.

Have fun tomorrow! :thumbsup:

That’s only 4 hours from me! I wish I’d known sooner! :doh:


There’ll be some up soon on the blog - been busy packing all afternoon.

So much to do, so little time… :oo:

My family went. DH likes the veg. plant vendor, so he got his tomato’s and other things!!! :slight_smile:

I DID get the “yarn” I wanted!!! BEAUTIFUL as I remember. And my DD 7 picked out the pattern for me to make. She said "there was a fancier one, but I knew you’d like this.

It’s a cabled tank top. Very simple, very classic!!!

Knitting Achiever-it’s always the First Full weekend in May!!! AND it’s FREE!!! I’ll be sure to go next year, barring any surgeries…lol…

:smiley: Glad u got your goodies :wink: Sounds like your dd knows what she’s looking for :thumbsup:

I’m back! It was loads of fun…I have only a few pics to show off. I was busy molesting yarn. Speaking of which, I walked away with some Opal, some yummy hemp yarn, bamboo yarn, sock yarn, addis…oi, vey.

I’ll post pics of the booty when I can get good light.

The most fun thing my DD said she saw was the angora bunny giving the fur out of it’s BUTT…rofl…

I went yesterday, it was my first time, and I absolutely :heart: :heart: :heart: it!! There was so much going on, it was almost overwhelming!! And it wasn’t even that hard keeping DH interested, he really enjoyed the shearing show. My only problem was deciding what to buy! I ended up coming home with a needle felting kit and some pretty dyed wool, to practice the needle felting with. And I can’t wait to try rug hooking!! But the experience was the best part! I want to move to the country and start a sheep and alpaca farm! But it was so great to get a list of vendors, and business cards so I have lots of resources for the future! And we really enjoyed the food, he had a leg of lamb sandwich, and I had the lamb kabobs. Delicious!

OMGoodness, it sounds like u scored with some of my favorite yarns…I LOVE BAMBOO yarn!!! It’s my all time fave!! So, how’s the hemp yarn? I’ve not yet tried it.