MCY / Mystaical Creation Yarns

[B]Hi To All!

HAs anyone here use MYSTICAL CREATION YARNS? They are lovely. I have bought them on E-Bay. Or you can go staright to their site. It’s just


[B]By The Way, The Egytian Cotton is the best so far.


About a year ago, I ordered some wool/silk blend from this seller when she was on Etsy. I’ve yet to use it as I can’t figure out what to do with it. I’ll post a pic and solicit suggestions.

To be honest, I was less than impressed with the customer service. However, the prices were quite good.

i bought two skeins of the wool silk, and am making a scarf. i like the colors but not the thick/thin quality or the very loose ply, i think it will be nice once it’s finished though

this is my scarf so far:

Jeanius, your scarf is really pretty. I love the sheen of the yarn. I may try out My So Called Scarf with this blend. The thick/thin quality does worry me a bit. It might fiddle with the texture.


I have no direct personal experience with MCY, but I will never buy from them. A friend of mine , IRL, ordered from them. it was a month before they even shipped the yarn! and it was already in stock according to the ‘woman’ my friend was emailing with(who was extremely rude to my friend when my friend emailed 2 weeks after placing the order asking for an update, woman at mcy told her to “just sit back and relax, pull the stick out of your ass and you’ll get the yarn when I get around to mailing it”). When the yarn FINALLY arrived, it stunk. not just freshly dyed smell, not even wet wool smell. it was smoke and nasty perfume smell. My friend emailed MCY asking about returns and NEVER received a reply. a few weeks after that, my friend said screw it and tried knitting it up. the colors bled allover her hands, and she had to soak (in euculan) the yarn twice before the rinsing water ran clear. by then so much dye had come off of the yarn it was pale in most areas and NO COLOR at all in other places.

I would not order from them again either. The yarn I ordered took over a month to ship. The yarn is OK at best. When I emailed them about my order, she said they were redying the yarn since they were not happy with it but why did they list it on ebay if they did not have it available for sale.

I ordered from them the wool/silk blend too and haven’t used it yet, though the color is really pretty. I must say that the customer service was really great and i got my yarn rather fast in my “worldwide” terms, it took 3 weeks (the post in Israel is the worse) and they shipped almost immediately. It was about a month ago. I did read here on a thread i posted about them that the yarn bleeds a lot, so maybe i’ll soak the FO in vinegar.
jeanius80, i love the way your scarf is turning out. I’m thinking of making a Clapotis with it, what do you think?

i think with the dropped stitches, the wool-silk would need a lot of help as it seems to like to ‘catch’ on its-self. it’s also very thick and thin, probably heavy worsted/bulky to dk/fingering. it would make a very warm and thick clapotis, HTH

I also bought yarn from them. It took two months for order date to get to me, could not get ahold of anyone to cancel the order after a month went by, ignored email. The yarn also bled all over, and was not the same color as in the picture. (not even close)

This information is all over knittyboard and every other board. I’m surprised they are still in business. (They changed their ebay name and website at one point because of all the complaints.)

So I’m not alone in thinking their customer service stunk? I wondered why they suddenly (and I do mean suddenly–as in there one day and gone the next) pulled out of Etsy!!

I haven’t tried to knit up my yarn yet, but now I’m scared to even touch it. Guess I will soak any FO that comes of it in vinegar. :???:

I bought yarn from them prior to hearing negative feedback about their customer service. The yarn colors looked beautiful! They never state anywhere that it’s a thick and thin yarn, and I don’t like working with that type of yarn. I used some for a project that I ended up hating, and I sold the rest. I was in love with it at first because it was so soft, but I’d much prefer supporting other companies.

i do like the colors, and i did recieve my yarn quick. i bought it through ebay (it was thier clearence sale?). i suppose i should vinegar soak and rinse and wash with my wool wash.:zombie: thanks for the info on them. i would rather support more customer appriciative businesses. glad i didn’t pay full price!:ick: