Maybe a dumb question, but I'll ask anyway. You know how

I’ve misplaced my knitting needle “sizer” that tells me the size of my
circular needles, so I don’t know what pkg they go in.

Is there a site that has a (( sketch )) of the different size needles that I lay my needle on OR punch holes holes in so I’ll know the size?? The last thing I knitted I checked my gauge and was lucky.

Thanks for reading,

Isnt there anything inscribed on the needles themselves?? :shock:

your typical mitten? and did you find the Alpaca Chunky yarn in stores or online?


most of my needles are. Same with my DPN’s.

However, the good news is that I just purchased the Web bamboo interchangeable set and I believe the size is inscribed on them.


Check the cord on the Addi circs. They have some teeny tiny writing on them.

Ive never made any other mittens…I dunno.

I got the Misti Alpaca Chunky at an LYS…but Im sure you can find it online, too!

ann I wish I had a scanner - in the book “The Step by Step Needlcraft Encyclopedia” by Judy Brittain there is a diagram wherein you can place your needle over it and tell what size it is…I’ll try to scan it somehow (I’m on vacation htis week or I would use the one at work - sorry!)

GO to your LYS and sneak a peak. :shifty:

Check the Addi cord.