Mattress Stitch/Garter Stitch

I am sort of new to knitting, I haven’t ventured too far, so far I’ve only completed a few scarves, but I’d really like to try to make an afghan… I think I’ve got the basic steps down, however I’m not sure how to sew the strips together in the end. I stumbled across this site and I think the mattress stitch would be the one I was looking for, however I’d like to know what would be the difference in using the mattress stitch on something that was only knitted, or only knit on the outside, not stockinette…

Check out the invisible vertical seaming on garter stitch on

This is the link:

You might want to consider a log cabin blanket - which requires no seaming! The best “pattern” for a log cabin afghan is found in the Mason Dixon Knitting Book, Chapter “Log Cabin Knitting”. Here is the link for the tutorial on “How to Log Cabin.”

Here are some ideas for putting together your log cabin.