Mattress help - st st to rev st st

hi all

i know mattress has been addressed lots and i’ve found tons of resources on it including the videos here, but my problem is the resources i’ve found are garter to garter, st st to st st or vertical to horizontal st st. my two pieces being seamed are not the same stitch and since I have never been a pro at finishing to begin with, i’m totally clueless.

it is a purse with two sides done in stockinette stitch and then a gusset that is cabled. you then sew the gusset to the front of the purse and then to the back of the purse as opposed to sewing the back and front together. (I’m thinking I could’ve done this in the round in retrospect, but TOO LATE (sigh))

anyway, the gusset section is a P2, K4, P2 on the RS, so when I line up the back of the bag to the gusset, I have stockinette Vs on one side and somewhat-obscured-by-WS-selvedge-stitch-V reverse stockinette on the other.

i contemplated using the selvedge stitch V from the WS of the gusset with the Vs from the RS of the bag, but the selvedge st is a mess and i can barely make out the Vs. (I pull my second stitch tight to avoid the messy edges, probably should have skipped that here in retrospect)

the pattern specifically states mattress, but offers no other insight… i’m at a loss… any ideas?

thanks all!

Try doing a combination of reverse st st mattress and st st mattress.

Pick up the bottom purl loop (or top if that looks better) on the reverse side and the bar on the regular side. After a few stitches you should be able to tell if it will work.

thanks ingrid! i was just trying to futz around with it and basically had chosen the ugly selvedge area on each side and was trying to pick up bars and bumps that would obscure them and make them part of the seam that went to the inside. teehee. i think i might have been doing what you said with the purl bumps, but maybe not… i will double check and try it, but i’m just fudging really, but i really want it to look nice… i have a friend that’s going to try to help me sunday, but i feel like i should know how to do this!

thank you again!