Math Whiz Needed!

Is there anyone here who can figure out the multiples of sts Id need to CO to make THIS LACY WRAP wider?

Maybe I should state that differently…Ive seen patterns that say “CO a multiple of ____ sts, plus _____”. That’s what I need for this pattern.

I HATE math!!

Multiple of 13? The garter stitch border will stay the same I assume…3 on each side. She has you cast on 52 pattern stitches (plus the 6 for garter). Soooooooo, if you want to increase by a 1/4, 52/4=13, so 52+13+6=71 CO to make it quarter bigger. To increase by a 1/2, add another 13 and so on. I wanted to write this out so you can check my thinking. Plus, if you count the stitches in the pattern part for each line not including the garter border, they seem to add to 13.

I took a quick look at the pattern, it looks like one of those lace patterns where the “repeat” shifts over into the next “repeat” and then shifts back. Have you tried charting it out? It might just be x 8 stitches plus 4 or something like that. It’s too bad there isn’t a photo of the pattern detail.

Good luck - it looks like a pretty pattern.


Hi Kelly,

I did chart the pattern out and you can make it wider by adding multiples of 8 stitches then just following the pattern. There are six pattern repeats across the rows as it is written, so to make it wider cast on either 66, 74, or 82 stitches. The 74 stitch cast on should make the scarf approx 1/3 wider than the pattern as it is written, and the 82 stitch cast on should increase the total width by about 50%. (It will be slightly less than these percentages since you don’t add to the border width.)

Good luck and if you have any questions ask again.

It is a beautiful pattern. I might make it for my teenage daughter. It would be a nice wrap for a prom dress.
What yarn are you using?


P.S. Enjoy Saturday - I wish I could be there!

Thanks, everybody!

Mary…that makes sense to me. I dont know what yarn Im using yet…I may use that as my excuse to shop on Saturday! Especially with that discount they promised!

We are gonna MISS you Saturday!!! :frowning:

Glad you have your pattern figured out!

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