Math For Turning The Heel

I don’t want to be tied to patterns. I know how to make all of the parts to a sock, but not all yarns have to the same gauge. Therefore, I sometimes have tocast on more stitches. Can someone tell me the mathmatical parts as to figuring how far to knit before turning in order to turn the heel? If I have X amount of stitches on the heel flap I should K X sts, then turn, etc.

I believe I have it figured out but I’d like to be sure.

I use thisto help me figure out the numbers on socks.

If you have “X” amount of stitches on your needle, the heel turn starts with you purling one-half of “X” plus 2.

For example: Using fingering weight yarn, you could be using 32 stitches for the heel work. To begin the heel turn you purl 18 stitches (32/2 = 16 +2 = 18 stitches). Then p2tog, p1, turn. Slip 1, knit 5, k2tog, k1, turn. Basically sticking to the middle stitches and working out.

Thanks, both of you. I remembered that I have an old reprinted copy of an even older book about almost everthing knitworthy. It is explained well in it. I pretty much had it figured in my head, but needed to hear it from someone else. Socks are fun, especially without having to refer back and forth to the instructions.