Maternity clothes

I have been searching the net for maternity patterns and can only find 2; the maternity top on Lionbrand and the before and after sweater (with the panel insert). Really what I need is just some measurements, i.e. the difference in length and width for the front piece.
Is there any others out there that I’ve missed?

Erika Knight has a great book called Knitting for Two – it has baby items as well as maternity clothes. Very cute stuff :thumbsup:

You can get it used on Amazon for under $1 :smiley:

I’ve only found ONE pattern for a pregnant woman that didn’t look like a tent…

It’s a sweater that buttons down the side and has some short rows.

I’m going to make it in cotton for ‘later’ in the pregnancy.

There was also a maternity sweater in the most recent issue of Interweave Knits (Summer 2006).

Where did you find this? Was it online, or did you buy a book/pattern for it?

I’m pretty sure it was Interweave Knits Mag…

Scroll down to Mommy Snug to see it.

I actually have an extra copy of the magazine, but the first 24 pages are in upside down, so they sent me a new one! Just PM me queenmo if you want, and I can mail it to you.

I PMed you. Thanks a lot!

That’s the one!!!