Materials Needed to Knit Leg Warmers HELP!

I am new to knitting and I am about to knit a pair of leg warmers for my little sister who is 13 years old. I know that I need circular needles but I do not know what size to get. My sister is very tiny so I know that I need to make them a little bit on the small side. Also, what kind of yarn is best for leg warmers? Thinner or thicker yarn?


Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of knitting!

I suggest you look at patterns and find something you think will work for you. is free to join and has loads and loads of free patterns. What kind of yarn? That depends. If you find a pattern you want to try, it will tell you what yarn to use. Also, do you want the legwarmers to wash and dry easily? If so acrylic might be the best yarn, or a washable wool or wool blend. What size needles? That depends on the [I][B]gauge[/B][/I] the pattern calls for and the yarn you choose. Your stitch count may well differ from that given in the pattern even though you have the same size needles and the same yarn. You can knit in the round on double point needles (dpns) or knit flat and then seam them up at the end so circs aren’t your only option.

Oh, my, I have probably confused you no end. Don’t give up, just start looking for a simple pattern and go from there.

I agree with GrumpyGramma, find a pattern that you like and buy the size of needles it recommends. Ravelry is a fantastic sight for patterns.

I also like
They are my main sight for supplies, needles, yarn, and patterns. They have a good amount of tutorials also.

I love the way they have it set up to choose yarn. Since its for a young person I would recommend sticking with something machine washable.

They have cotton, which Ive recently started using and like very much. I think it feels a bit better than acrylic. Acrylic can be scratchy or very soft, just depends on the brand.
They also have a good amount of mixed yarns.
Im newish myself and am still learning about yarns and mixes.

Needles, they have a set I like. Its a beginner’s set at a very decent price. You get one set of wood needles, one of nickel, one acrylic. That way you can see which one you like best. With nickle the yarn generally comes off the needles faster, wood and acrylic have different grips. Which can come in handy at times.

With circular needles, the cable needs to be smaller than the project, or it wont work out well.

Try it Needles Set

Welcome to knitting! Good luck with your project. Im sure your sister
will love some leg warmers, and they will be unique.
I know at 1st knitting and materials can get confusing. There are so many things you can make, and the learning can be fun!