Materials for Handmade Stitch Markers - Help, please!


I am beginning to create some handmade stitch markers and I am at a loss as to where I can find split rings. I’ve looked at local beading shops in my area (Northern California), as well as Michael’s and Joann’s. I’ve found some split rings, but not in the appropriate sizes (too small). I’ve also seen some jump rings, but they are not as nice as the split rings. Just an FYI - a split ring looks like a key ring. Ideally, I am looking for a 13mm - which would work with larger needles, as well as smaller needles. If anyone has any suggestions on where I can purchase these, I would really appreciate it. I’ve done an online search, but haven’t been able to find anything in this size.

Thank you so much!


tried a beading shop? I know Oriental Trading has an inexpensive beading line with lots of bits and ends for sale … let’s see…

if you go to
on the left under crafts choose “beads” then choose “findings” and there are all varieties of jump rings: 6 mm 4 mm 10 mm, silver tone, gold tone, brass tone, and $4 for 100 rings, plus shipping.

lots of other pretty things to look at too!

they ship fairly fast. Always check for free shipping/ discount deals by googling first…

hope this helps, Marykz

One possibility might be to use the loop half of a toggle clasp. There’ll be a smaller loop that you could link a headpin with dangly beads into, too. The downside to these (at least in my opinion) is that you can’t use this type with crochet; being crochet-friendly is a must for me.

You could also get some wire – I’m thinking 18g - 14g (20g could be alright, but I wouldn’t go any lighter than that) – and wrap it around your needle a time or two to make your own. With the lighter gauge wire, if you make only one loop, it might be a good idea to work harden them with a rubber or rawhide hammer. If the cut ends of the wire are rough, you might want to tumble them, or pick up a wire rounder with a bur cup to smooth the ends out.

Here are some:

13mm - 15.5mm flat sterling jumprings (both soldered and open) here:

13mm and 24mm split rings here:

More split rings in nickel and brass:

Checking out chainmaille suppliers might find you what you want too; be sure to specify 13mm or 1/2" ID (inner diameter).

Umm…I got mine at Ace Hardware in the keyring section for 5 or 10 cents each.


Or you could just do that.

:teehee: :teehee:

I got mine at walmart… not with the jewelry beads but with the clay “charms” type beads. They come in small which is great for 0-4 and bigger that goes up to about a 10. Above that, not sure…

I will tell you what I have done in the past with my crochet projects. I am new to knitting and am just starting a sweater, but, I intend to do this for stitch markers. I bought some of those little craft pins and I just attach them on the stitch I am marking. Easy to get on & off, just slip around stitch. I like it.

If you’re willing to order on-line you could get them from Fire Mountain Gems

They even have heart shaped ones! :teehee:

Fire Mountain Gems is awesome! I drool everytime I look through the huge catalog they send me. I get my split rings for stitch markers over at my Michael’s. They have the little weensy teensy ones, but they also sell some split rings (of course, I can’t remember the exact diameter :wall:) that I’ve found will slip easily onto any size up to 15’s.

I’ve wondered about making these for myself, but I was afraid the jumprings or split rings would get caught on the yarn. I wanted to buy some half toggles, but haven’t seen any yet.

ETA: I see Oriental Trading Company and Fire Mountain both have toggles! Hmmm. what to do, what to do… :thinking:


Jan, I got some stitch markers from an Etsy shop - the markers are gorgeous (Wee Ones), but the rings do exactly that - constantly snag in the yarn. I can’t use them as is - I either need to find something else to use or find a way to solder them closed…

Thanks for that confirmation. I’ll stick to toggles then. :hug:

Jan, which size would you use for toggle rings? Maybe it would make sense for me to get some of those to replace the jump rings on the markers I have… :thinking:

Since I haven’t made them before I don’t have a good answer. I think they come in at least a couple different sizes. Here’s the link I was just looking at.

Guess I’ll get my tape-measure out when I get home. Thanks! :hug:

Jump rings also come closed - that’s what I use, and in most sizes from about 3 mm to about 10 mm. The easiest way to measure your rings and beads is to use a kntting needle gauge - one that has the mm sizes. It’s easier than fussing with a tape measure.

:doh: Thanks!