Matching cast-on and bind-off for scarf?

I made a scarf using a ribbon-style yarn (garter stitch) and now need a bind off method that will keep the two ends looking as similar as possible. I used the cast on method called “knitting on” in Vogue, and the “basic knit bind off” created a flatter, straighter edge at the other end. Any suggestions?


The only way I know of is to use a provisional cast-on at the beginning and then later take the cast on apart, put the stitches back on a needle, and bind them off using the same method you use at the other end. There is a video for provisional cast on here, but personally I find this method difficult to work. There is a different way to a provisional cast on here which I have found a lot easier to figure out.

Look here:

It’s the last one – the sewn b/o

Yes, I agree with Jane, the sewn bind off looks great with garter stitch.