Maryland Sheep & Wool

After weeks of rain, this weekend was perfect for the MD Sheep & Wool Festival in West Friendship (near Baltimore). Here are a few photos.

Wow, did you have fun? Do you spin?

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of very congenial people and fun events (sheep give-aways, shearing, sheep dog demos). Many booths and vendors devoted to spinning but alas, not for me. I’m a consumer of their product, that’s all.

I don’t spin either. I do go to a “spinning” night on Tuesdays, but I just knit. Some of my friends do and I enjoy watching though. :slight_smile:

will you be going again in the new year? I might go!

I hope to go. I went to the Shenandoah Festival in the fall and enjoyed that very much. It’s smaller but very fine.