Mary poppins

My daughter has always loved Mary Poppins its her 18th birthaday in March and she is having a Mary Poppins theme party so I would love to be give her a knitted Mary Poppins doll. Does anyone know where I can get a pattern for one:grphug:

:think: I haven’t seen a Mary Poppins doll…but there is thisetsy shopthat sells a lot of doll patterns that you may be able to adjust to Mary…she does offer this one for freeand you may be able to adjust it some way (under the doll picture is a link to a dress for her).

That is going to be a fun themed party, I hope you find a doll that fits!

Oh I just looked at ebay, it’s not knit but here is a doll pattern

There is also knit patterns out there for her scarfand purse

The pattern on ebay is amazing!! That would be the one I’d get. It’s vintage perfect! :thumbsup: